One by one, Lin and Clay of Bogong Horseback Adventures lead their mountain-bred stock horses over toward your group and help you to mount. You haven’t been riding since you were a kid and are relieved to see the horses are cool, calm and collected, and know what to do without you lifting a finger. They mingle on the grass, nibbling away while the Baird brothers saddle you up. 

Across the lush green paddocks of Spring Spur are bush-clad foothills that roll upward into alpine mountains. You’re feeling very ‘Man From Snowy River’ right now and the excitement is tingling through your veins.

"Thank goodness they had a last-minute cancellation," you think to yourself as you saddle up for the evening tour.  

The brothers show you how to control the horses (although the horses clearly know the drill and follow their masters’ lead like clockwork) and when everyone is confident, the team begins to move. 

You follow an old stock route through towering eucalypts up into the hills, crossing a shallow river, and gullies thick with ferns, then onward into the Alpine National Park. The horse's body sways rhythmically beneath you, rocking you to the musical tones of the forest birds and the whispering breeze in the tree canopy.  

Onwards goes the team, trancelike. You can hear Clay behind you telling a story from his time guiding packhorse tours in the Sierra Nevada, and the alluring huts of the High Country around Dinner Plain, Mount Hotham and Falls Creek, but you’re in your own dream and his words are a thousand miles away. Perhaps you’ll ask again around the campfire. Those old huts do sound enticing. The sky begins to turn orange, then pink, then mauve, and you realise you’re headed back to the Spur. The dream is almost over. 

Round the campfire, your group gets to talking about what to do tomorrow. You’re all in the mood for adventure and the starry alpine sky has you in the mood for camping – perhaps up at Mount Buffalo

Then again, you did carry your gravel bike all the way to Bright with you and you'd love to explore the backroads around the mountains. Hmmm. Which will it be?

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Kiewa River Trail

High Country Horsemanship Clinic

High Country Horsemanship Clinic

Horsemanship clinic in a spectacular classroom, beyond the yard and stable. Advance your horse and rider relationship in a working environment. Great horses, beautiful camps, brumby country, experienced leaders. This five day travelling clinic combines the rewards of a remote packhorse expedition with the the extra dimension of horsemanship skill building in a working environment.…

Pioneering the High Plains - Bogong Horseback Adventures

Pioneering the High Plains – Bogong Horseback Adventures

Step back into another time with a celebration of Australian heritage. Ride the High Plains on a journey to the Mittagundi Bush Dance and Pioneer Festival before climbing onto Mount Bogong, Victoria’s highest mountain. Pioneering the High Plains expedition takes you on a journey, through diverse landscapes, along a route that highlights the vertical scale,…

International Women's Day hosted by The Mount Beauty and District Chamber of Commerce

International Women’s Day hosted by The Mount Beauty and District Chamber of Commerce

Join the team at The Mount Beauty and District Chamber of Commerce for a morning tea and a panel of local women in business. The panel including Lee from Gather & Harvest, Wendy Lee Dreamers accommodation, Monika Hood owner Sassy Road, and Kath Baird HOST from Bogong Horseback.

Honeybird Coffee

Honeybird Coffee

Specialty Coffee Roasters and Tea Brewing specialists, located in Mount Beauty at the foothills of Mount Bogong and Falls Creek. Crafting the finest coffee and tea, brought to you by experienced baristas and coffee professionals. The team is dedicated towards developing holistic solutions and partnerships with farmers at origin to support coffee production for future…


Big Hill Mountain Bike Park – intermediate trails


Mountain biking



These gnarly singletrack trails aren't for the faint-hearted. Are you shredders ready to ride Big Hill?



Whether it's a lazy stroll by the river or a hike to the summit of Victoria's highest mountain, we've got walks for all walks of life.

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