The sound of gravel churning gently under the taxi’s tyres startles you and, looking up from your phone, you see the rolling hills clad in tidy rows of grapevines stretching off into the distance. Breath taking.

“We’re here,” the driver says beaming as he pulls up the driveway to Porepunkah’s Ringer Reef Cellar Door and you can tell he loves the view just as much as you do. “That’s Mount Buffalo over there,” he says.

Looking over your shoulder you can see a waterfall plummeting over the edge of a sublime granite cliff-face. It’s stunning, but you suspect it would look even better with a glass of Sparkling Pinot Chardonnay in your hand, and sure enough, it does. Its delicate bubbles tickle your taste buds as the elegant viscosity leaves your palette feeling superbly clean and crisp.

The others should be here any minute. They had energy to burn and hired e-bikes in Bright for a cruise along the picturesque Murray to Mountains Rail Trail. Seeing your glass half-empty, you pace yourself – you don’t want to be a sad-looking drunk on your own – better to be that with company.

A boisterous lot is making its way up the drive and you know without looking it’s your crew. Finally, time for more wine. But wait, who’s that riding with them? As it turns out, Pete – a local they must have kidnapped on the trail – although he assures you he could happily freshen up with a drop of cool-climate wine.

“You should keep riding with me to Myrtleford,” he teases. “We can do a cellar door crawl to Feathertop, Gapsted Wines and Michelini’s and then finish up at Billy Button or Reclaim Wine Bar, or head back to the bars in Bright to taste the wines that don’t have doors, like Mayford. Have you heard of Mayford Wines? Your mouth with explode. Come on, it will be a blast!”

He’s only half joking. He may be retired, but Pete is fit and lean with more stamina than the Engergizer Bunny. You look at your lot, splayed out on the deck and already onto the reds. They won’t be going anywhere in a hurry. Maybe next time you’ll book the wine tour, but here, right now, with this view, fresh air and good company, you’re finally starting to shake off the tension that’s been gripping your shoulders for months. Another glass, please.

“Okay, fair enough, but at the very least join my wife and I for dinner,” he says. “We’re meeting some friends tonight – the more the merrier.”

You were planning to head to the Brewery, but the opportunity to party with the locals, who will most certainly spill the beans on the valley’s best kept secrets, is tempting.

“Where are you going?” you ask.

“There's this place in Myrtleford that makes the best authentic Italian woodfired pizza,” he says jumping to his feet preparing to leave. “I had one in Naples once and all I could think about was how good our local Nepolitana is. So what do you think?”

Hmmm. Two tantalising options. What will do you?

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Welcome to Elm Dining

Elm Dining

A Taste of Bright and Ovens Valley

A Taste of Bright and Ovens Valley

Taking in beautiful Bright, Buckland Valley and Wandiligong with two beverage and one food tasting from: Billy Button Wines, Boynton’s Feathertop Winery, Ringer Reef Wines, Bright Brewery, Bright Berry Farms, Bright Chocolate, Mount Buffalo Olives or Nightingale Brothers Alpine Apples. Visiting old tobacco country, you will find a number of great wineries and places to…

Alpine Valleys Wine Region

Alpine Valleys Wine Region

On this tour of the Alpine Valleys you can tailor your visit to include 4 or 5 of the regions finest wineries and cellar doors. Pick up from your accommodation in the morning is around 10.00am and drop off around 5.00 – 5.30pm. Your full day winery tour experience includes: • Touring is in the…

Carries seven guests comfortably

A Taste of Wine Tours


Enjoying a cheese platter and glass of wine



We're a fussy lot. We like to craft everything ourselves; our coffee, our beer, wine, bread and produce. It just tastes better.



A visit to Bright & Surrounds isn’t complete without a taste of our local brews, gin and cider.

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Nightingale Bros Orchard Apple Bins