Bright, Beer

Bright Brewery

It’s all about living the brewing life. With hops in abundance along the banks of the Ovens River, fresh mountain water flowing past the brewery door, mountains to ride, ski and paraglide over, and parklands as far as the eye can see for families to explore... how could any brewer worth his wort not be here! At Bright Brewery all these elements collide to create award winning Mountain Crafted beers.

Victoria's High Country Brewery Tail

Extending from the river to the mountains, Victoria’s High Country Brewery Trail weaves a scenic path to some truly lip- smacking hand-crafted beers. Each of the four breweries exudes its own personality and style, just like each of their brews. Taste the difference in our local craft beers, made with passion, the best ingredients, and the pristine waters of Victoria’s High Country. See close up where the beers are brewed, and learn what goes into crafting a unique beer. You might even learn a secret or two from talking to the brewers themselves. More information about the High Country Brewery Trail.