Alpine National Park

Bright, Alpine National Park
Bright, Alpine National Park

Victoria's largest National Park is a place to experience the great Australian outdoors in all its magnificent guises...

Mountain peaks covered in snow during Winter become in Spring, Summer and Autumn amazing places to hike and trek and camp, watch birds, explore historycycle down, fly over, tour around, swim and fish in and observe unique flora and fauna.

Bright and its nearby villages are the best places in the State to discover the north eastern sections of the Alpine National Park, including Mount Hotham, Mount Feathertop and Mount Bogong. A number of Parks Victoria-approved tour operators guide bushwalks, horse rides, birdwatching, canoe and cycling treks year-round. Go to for details.

The Alpine National Park covers 646,000 hectares and is the State’s largest, with Mount Bogong, Mount Feathertop and the rolling high plains being the best known features. The Park offers excellent camping and hiking, as well as a range of other activities and highlights.

Extensive snowfields are the primary Winter attraction. The warmer months bringing stunning wildflower displays and opportunities for bushwalking and four wheel driving.

The park is home to more than 1100 native plant species, 12 of which (including the Bogong daisy bush and silky daisy) are found only here. Among its fauna is the rare mountain pygmy-possum, the world's only exclusively alpine marsupial, which stores food to last through the winter.