23 March 2020 - COVID-19 UPDATE

We’re sure you’ve heard the measures announced by the Prime Minister yesterday, and the Premier today. It means a lot of changes, ones that might be tough to handle.

As much as we love to share our part of the world, our healthcare resources are limited and our communities are just as vulnerable as those in the city. We need everyone to respect avoiding non-essential travel. We need you to stay at home.

For the time being we’re asking all visitors to take a breath and put off your trip to our region. If you’re already here, it’s time to go home. We’ll keep our socials busy with images of our region so you can admire from afar.

These are unprecedented times. We hope the time is brief but the best way to make this reality is if we all do the right thing to keep everyone safe. Remember, be kind to others, wash your hands, and (for now) please keep your distance.

Your autumn playground

Upcoming Events

Bright and surrounds celebrate festivals and events all year round. There is always a good excuse to visit, no matter what your interest.

Top Lists

Planning an autumn

  • Stunning autumn colour

    A kaleidoscope of autumn colour second to none.  Find your perfect place to stay and admire...

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  • Unique Autumn produce

    Forage for wild mushrooms, roast Chestnuts, taste autumn...

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  • Bright Autumn Festival

    A celebration of the wonderful colours and produce 24 April to 3 May.

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  • Capture the autumn colour

    Love taking photos? Let us blow you mind!

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Things to do...


  • You never know what you'll find...

    Visit one of our surrounding towns and get to know the spirit of our valleys... 

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  • Ride the Rail Trail of Colour

    Before the cooler weather arrives go for a ride, enjoy the Autumn colours…

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  • Play in the park

    So many playgrounds throughout our townships, which one will be your favourite?...

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  • Discover our High Country huts

    Enjoy a walk to one of our huts and learn their fascinating history...

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Start planning a snow

  • Affordable Snow Holidays

    Looking for a snow holiday without the big price tag, Check this out...

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  • A romantic getaway

    the perfect excuse to curl up together in front of a fire...

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  • Experience snow with the kids

    Build a snowman, go tobogganing and laugh till your cheeks hurt ...

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  • Rich beautiful foods

    It's Winter, order comfort food and don’t forget dessert!

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