Information regarding restrictions.

We are so grateful for the opportunity to welcome visitors back to Bright & Surrounds.

When you visit, please remember;

  • if you feel unwell, please stay home
  • be kind, as things are not the same as what they were.
  • be patient, while we all adjust.
  • plan and book, as not everything is open or businesses are working with restrictions.  Make sure you book ahead, especially dining, to avoid disappointment.
  • be respectful to those around you

Businesses are adapting to keep us all safe while trying to deliver the best service they can. It has been a tough year, bushfires followed by COVID, we are all doing our best.

Your summer playground

Top Lists

Bring on

  • Enjoy a little space...

    With two National Parks at Bright and Surrounds doorstep, options are endless...

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  • Cool off in fresh water

    River, lakes and waterfalls, cool off in fresh mountain water...

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  • Did you buy a bike during 'iso'?

    Time to get on your new bike, or old one, we have mountain bike parks and safe cycle trails to really get the most from your 'iso' purchase...

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  • Summer Camping

    Camping is the best way to get back to basics and enjoy the outdoors...

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bucket list... 

  • Visit a town other than Bright...

    Yes, Bright is amazing but you'll find some of the locals best-kept secrets in our other townships.  

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  • Support, buy and enjoy...

    Bring your empty esky and fill it with all your favourite goodies from our region.

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  • Explore new things with your family

    Have a laugh with the kids whilst riding safely along the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail...

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  • Summer summarised on one page...

    Floating down the river to El fresco dining, you will find all you need to know here...

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Planning an autumn

  • Stunning autumn colours

    A kaleidoscope of autumn colour, second to none...

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  • Unique autumn produce

    Forage for wild mushrooms, roast Chestnuts, taste autumn...

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  • Capture the autumn colour

    Love taking photos?  Let us blow your mind...

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  • Cuddle up this autumn

    Autumn is the perfect time to fall in love again.

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