Bright, Markets

Markets are the perfect place to pick up that unique peice of Bright and surrounds, that hand crafted or painted gift, or yummy fresh local produce. Come along and meet the growers and taste the seasonality in their foods.

Bright Make It, Bake It, Grow It Market

The Bright Make It, Bake It, Grow It Market strives to showcase the best local produce and product going around, and has grown to include over 50 local stall holders. The market also provides live entertainment and children's activities all contributing to a vibrant atmosphere for local members of the community and visitors alike.

Held from 9 am until 1 pm on the 3rd Saturday of the month in Howitt Park (behind the Alpine Visitor Information Centre).

After more markets? Visit our neighbouring towns....

Bright Rotary Markets

Bright Rotary Markets are held throughout the year in conjunction with major festivals and events. These include:

– Spring Festival Market – Monday 4th November , 2019 (9am to 2pm)

– Bright’s Iconic Rod Run Market - Sunday 10th November, 2019 (9am to 2pm)

– New Year Twilight Market – Saturday 4th January, 2019 (4pm to 9pm)

– Easter Market - Saturday 20th April, 2019 (9am to 2pm)

– Autumn Festival Market - Saturday 4th May, 2019 (9am to 3.30pm)

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