It's immensely grounding to experience four distinct seasons, to watch the subtle changes of the earth as she moves from warmth to frost; to see rampaging rivers slow to a gentle meander; to observe birds nesting, dormant trees awakening; and to feel the changing breeze up and down the valleys. From the alpine peaks to the fertile valleys of the High Country, Bright and its surrounding towns of Myrtleford, Mount Beauty and Harrietville bear witness to this magic as the seasons unfold. And you can too. So when should you visit? The answer is anytime; just make sure you come back to experience it all: our Springs, Summers, Autumns and Winters.


This is the time of year when the grand avenues of trees begin to awaken from hibernation. The streets of our towns fill with blooms and birdsong fills the air. For visitors in September, you still have a chance to experience the snow of the alpine peaks, while taking advantage of the warming sun to enjoy day hikes and outdoor dining in the valley. As the snow melts, road cyclists return to the famed mountain climbs and by the end of Spring, the rivers are just warm enough to swim in. Festivals and events begin to increase as we head toward our summer holiday peak.


Where warm sunny days turn into refreshingly cool nights, and wonderfully lethargic weekends disappear with picnics by the riverside. There's swimming and fishing, markets and cellar doors, mountain biking and breweries. From Boxing Day through to the end of January, the towns are bursting at the seams with crowds of excitement. As summer moves to its peak, the high alpine meadows erupt in rare and wonderous wildflowers. The shady valleys below are vibrant with festivals, markets and events; local farms overflow with fresh produce, and happiness hangs thick in the air.

The Ovens River in Bright, Victoria


March brings with it the first signs of Autumn, with the grasses in the meadows left dry by the heat of summer. The air is cool, but the warmth of the sun is perfect for outdoor adventures. Cycling, hiking, and the last brave swimmers descend like moths to a flame at Easter, and fill the bars and breweries late into the evening. Colder nights whisper to the trees that its time to rest, and by late April, the towns are painted with rich and dazzling Autumnal hues to rival the best of Europe. The Autumn harvest is in and the smell of roasted chestnuts fills the air. Any local will tell you, it's our favourite time of year.


As winter rolls in, snow falls on the high peaks surrounding Bright, chilling the air. Come July, children play on the toboggan slopes of Dinner Plain and Mount Buffalo; snowboarders and skiers hit the slopes of Falls Creek and Mount Hotham; snowmen, snow-women and snow-bunnies colonise the mountaintops. At dusk, it's time for red wine, stout, glühwein and comfort food by the fire. The crowds disperse come August, but the snow remains. The rivers run high and the trout are breeding. By August's end, bluebird skies herald the coming of Spring, and with a smile, it's time to do it all again.



No matter when you visit, there's always something to do. While summer is the peak of activity, winter is no time for hibernating. The boutique stores, eateries and markets of Bright and its surrounding towns of Myrtleford, Mount Beauty and Harrietville are open all year. The mountain bike parks in Bright and Mount Beauty remain open in winter. And river walks and lookouts are there for the taking. Looking for inspiration?

Tower Hill lookout over Bright



Lush green valleys and an alpine horizon as far as the eye can see. Here's where to find our greatest views.



Whether it’s a country cottage or grand holiday house with mountain views, motel, family cabin or campsite, we've got a place waiting for you.

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Darker Days

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