Arts & Culture

Bright, Arts and Culture

Take yourself on a journey to discover a diverse mix of artisans and artists. Meet the locals who showcase their unique talents. Local art exhibitions to singing and performing arts - there is definitely something to whet your artistic palette whilst in Bright and surrounds...

Bright Art Gallery & Cultural Centre

The Bright Art Gallery and Cultural Centre, located in Mountbatten Avenue, hold a diverse range of exhibitions throughout the year to include Indigenous Art, displays of children's art from schools in the region, solo exhibitions by local artists, and art competitions for particular events. The three major ones every year being; the Student Art & Alpine Archy Junior Portraiture Prize in January, the Autumn Art Exhibition and Sale in April/May, and the Decorative Arts Exhibition in the Spring. For a full list of exhibitions

Performing Arts

Performing Arts more your style? Then come along to one of Bright and surrounds unique performing arts events and experiences composed by our creatively gifted locals. We have an eclectic mix of local groups to entertain you and ensure your stay is unique and memorable.

Music, Music Music....

Treat your ears to a magical delight as the Bright Singers sing a wide variety of music from Christmas carols to jazz, classical and show music. They sing at a series of performances throughout the year including Bright’s Autumn festival, during the lead up to Christmas, Anzac Day and Remembrance Day. Come along for a relaxed performance where you are quite often invited to join in.

Various other musical concerts are performed throughout the year in Howitt Park. Drop into the Alpine Visitor Information Centre