Riverside Walk

Harrietville Victoria 3741

Walk Description

Start at the Museum in Pioneer Park. For a short loop walk south along the east branch of the Ovens River to Feathertop Lane. Turn right and continue to the Great Alpine Road and then turn right again back to Pioneer Park. For a longer loop continue along the Ovens River to Bon Accord Track. Turn right and continue to the Great Alpine Road, turn right back to Pioneer Park.

Riverside walk runs along the Ovens River and connects through to the Bon Accord Trail head in the Alpine National Park via a ford across the river. The course of the river is a result of a diversion done in 1948 by the Tronoh Dredge Company to allow the Tronoh Dredge to operate without affecting the quality of the river water. The walk traverses the levee bank created as part of the diversion, which is now an integral part of flood mitigation in Harrietville. The Levee Bank also passes the proposed Sambas Battery site.