Dandongadale River Fishing 


Dandongadale River, Dandongadale A narrow river flowing in a deep valley, through dense forest, rock and gravel bed.

It has a small catchment area of mostly Crown Land and has low flows during summer. Access requires walking along a track which starts from the road bridge near the junction of the Rose River.

Extensive areas of dense bank vegetation of blackberry and other weeds which can restrict fishing activities. Limited angling pressure. Contains small brown trout and rainbow trout (av.220 g) upstream; with larger brown trout to 1.4 kg (av.400 g) in the lower reaches, also abundant blackfish, redfin, mountain galaxias and possibly Macquarie perch and trout cod.

Stocked with Macquarie perch 1992-93 and with trout cod in 1993-94. Both these species are unlikely to be present but are protected and if caught, must be returned to the water