A Lazy Day at Mount Buffalo National Park 

Mount Buffalo Road Mount Buffalo Victoria

Mount Buffalo offers a lot but perhaps the best part of the mountain is that it is so very humbling in its magestic beauty and sheer size that it induces a sense of peace that makes for a settled state and encourages you to do very little.

While the 'to do' list could be long, the secret to success is in the art of selecting just one, perhaps two at the most activities for the day and wringing them dry for relaxation inspiration. The best way to nail this is to camp at Lake Catani then you dont have to come or go and by waking up there you start the day in the right frame of mind. A day on the water doesn't get much lazier, take your flippers and snorkel and a really good book and that could just about do you. The Lakeside Walk could add just a little activitiy between chapters and takes only a hour at most with the chance to dip along the way. Light a fire mid afternoon and get the camping fare underway before settling back to star gaze - an ultimate lazy day activity - to cap off a wonderfully rejuvenating day in the National Park!