Backbending Workshop

Bright Bootcamp & Co Yoga Studio, 73 Churchill Avenue, , Victoria, 3741MAP

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  • 2 Mar 2020  19:15 21:30

We only have one spine, so we need to ensure we nourish it with safe movement in order to lengthen (create space) and strengthen (to help stabilise) our spine and overall function.

This two hour workshop will focus on the safe alignment in backbending asanas, plains of movement and benefits (both physical and energetic) of backbending in Yoga. You will also explore the energetics of the spine, our central channel, and experience pranayama to help balance the energy channels (Nadis) along with soothing the nervous system.

This workshop is for you if you practice a flowing style of Yoga regularly but have not taken time in a beginner class or through workshops to break-down poses and techniques. Are suffering from injury which is exacerbated through practicing Yoga and you want to learn how to modify poses. Wish to take your practice to the next level and learn more advanced poses, breathing or meditation practices. Are new to yoga and want to build a safe foundation for a long lasting, safe and effective practice. Just want to give yourself the gift of more Yoga knowledge and practice.

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